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Chalk on the Walk - 2018 Chalk Photos
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Thanks to all our great chalk artists.

If you would like a full-sized .jpg of your drawing, 

e-mail Randy Lindel at rlindel@cambridgerotary.org



2018 Prize Winners

2018 Chalk V Martin

First Prize - Valeria Martin


     2018 Chalk LaSalle       2018 Chalk St. Pierre

                                       Second Prize - Ayana LaSalle         Second Prize - Kerry St. Pierre




2018 Chalk Reed    2018 Chalk Niemczyk    2018 Chalk Pandey

 Bridget Reed, Beth Niemczyk, Aradhana Pandey


2018 Chalk Dawson      2018 Chalk Brodmerkle

Donna Dawson Team,  Katherine Brodmerkle



2018 Chalk Rowe    2018 Chalk Webb

1st: Margaret Rowe, 2nd: Emma Webb




2018 Chalk Candon    2018 Chalk DiGiovanni    2018 Chalk Daley

Jennifer & Piper Candon, Cal DiGiovanni, Kalo Daley,

2018 Chalk Gheorghiu Fister    2018 Chalk Hung    2018 Chalk Kalyanrama    

Liliana Gheorghiu & Analia Fister, Sharon Hung, Vera Kalyanrama

2018 Chalk Lander-Kase    2018 Chalk Loschak    2018 Chalk Magavi et al

Jessica Lander & Alison Kase, Paul Loschak, Maya Magavi/Kalinda Miller/Adeline Vidolova


2018 Chalk O'Grady    2018 Chalk Stem

Maggie O'Grady, Kristyn Stem


Other Great Drawings


2018 Chalk Aldorisio    2018 Chalk Arora    2018 Chalk Burt    

Jill Aldorisio, Natasha Arora, Kirby Burt


2018 Chalk Team CCSC    2018 Chalk Cribb    2018 Chalk CrouchC

Team CCSC, Kailani Cribb, Carol Crouch


2018 Chalk CrouchT    2018 Chalk Helm    2018 Chalk Hodgen

Taylor Crouch, Andria Helm, Nicole & Jeff Hodgen



2018 Chalk Jacobson-Shing    2018 Chalk CrouchC    2018 Chalk Leary        

Annalise Jacobson & Victoria Shing, Miranda Lamenza, Gerard Leary


2018 Chalk MartinE    2018 Chalk Santiago    2018 Chalk Sheridan

Estie Martin, Mia Santiago, Rob Sheridan

2018 Chalk Tuyeras    2018 Chalk Williams    2018 Chalk Wise Lindborg

Remy Tuyeras, Lamarr Williams, Tessa Wise & Emma Lindborg


Thanks again to all our great artists.

Hope to see you next May.