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Chalk on the Walk - 2013 Chalk Photos
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2013 Prize Winners

~ $1,910 in Prizes Awarded ~



 First Prize - Kerry St. Pierre


2013Chalk-Cherry    2013Chalk-Davidowitz    2013Chalk-AdamsRottman

Second Prizes (left to right):

Natalie Cherry, Rachel Davidowitz, Allysa Adams/Josh Rottman



Youth Prize - Tara Raman

Honorable Mention


2013 Chalk - Howlett   2013Chalk-HungLiang    2013Chalk-LeahyUpton

Jacelyn Howlett, Ka-Ying Hung/Zecai Liang, Chad Leahy/Mary Ann Upton


2013Chalk-Olson-Risko    2013Chalk-Walsh    2013Chalk-Woolhiser

Sarah Risko & Liz Olson, Kayo & Lawrence Walsh, Daniel Woolhiser


People's Choice Awards (top 10 vote getters)

Alyssa Adams/Josh Rottman,Natalie Cherry, Rachel Davidowitz,

Liz Olson/Sarah Risko,Tara Raman, Kerry St. Pierre plus –


2013Chalk-Andrew    2013Chalk-BrownCarliniDiGiovanni    2013Chalk-Navarro

Emma Andrew, Chloe Brown/Madeline Carlini/Eavan DiGiovanni, Heidi Navarro,

Jason Williams (sorry, photo didn't come out)


And so many other great drawings

2013Chalk-BoltonStern    2013Chalk-Broadmerkle    2013Chalk-Chapman

Ashlyn Bolton/Krystin Stern, Katherine Broadmerkle, Carol Chapman


2013Chalk-Chilcote    2013Chalk-Corrado    2013Chalk-CrouchC

Natalia Chilcote, Jana Corrado, Carol Crouch


2013Chalk-CrouchT    2013Chalk-duMee    2013Chalk-Dunn

Taylor Crouch, Colin & Jeanette duMée, Pebbles Dunn


2013Chalk-Feeley    2013Chalk-Forbes    2013Chalk-GageLuongo    2013Chalk-Gagnon?

Deirdra Feeley, Tally Forbes, Matt Gage/Jade & Tiffany Luongo, Cynthia Gagnon


2013Chalk-Gai    2013Chalk-Gardner    2013Chalk-Govoni    2013Chalk-Harcum

Remi Gai, Jeff Gardner, Devon Govoni, Suzana Harcum


2013Chalk-Howlett    2013Chalk-HungLiang    2013Chalk-Jordan    2013Chalk-Juskewitch

Jacelyn Howlett, Ka-Ying Hung/Zecai Liang, Samantha Jordan, Ellen Juskewitch


2013Chalk-KiritsyK    2013Chalk-KiritsyL    2013Chalk-Lapasaran   

Kathy Kiritsy, Lauren Kiritsy, Melissa Lapasaran


2013Chalk-LawrenceZules?    2013Chalk-Lee    2013Chalk-Marmolejos  

Rebecca Lawrence/Daryl Zules, Franklin Lee, Marlene Marmolejos??

  2013Chalk-Mastrogiacomo    2013Chalk-McIntyre   2013Chalk-Metzger

Katie Mastrogiacomo, Dana McIntyre, Andy Metzger


    2013Chalk-Murthy    2013Chalk-Navarro    2013Chalk-Patnod

Grace Julian Murthy, Heidi Navarro, Denise Patnod


2013Chalk-Rakityanskaya    2013Chalk-Reed    2013Chalk-Rowe    2013Chalk-Rummel

Anna Rakityanskaya, Bridget Foster Reed, The Rowe Family, Jeremy Rummel


2013Chalk-Shepardson    2013Chalk-Shepherd    2013Chalk-Sheridan    2013Chalk-Shetty

Norma Shepardson, Cariad Shepherd, Rob Sheridan, Syona Shetty


2013Chalk-Shipley    2013Chalk-Staub   2013Chalk-Trask

Carolyn Shipley, William Staub, Jessica Trask


    2013Chalk-Walsh    2013Chalk-Wohlgethen    2013Chalk-Woolhiser

 Kayo & Lawrence Walsh, Jane Wohlgethen, Daniel Woolhiser



Sung En Yeh




We missed getting the artist's name for this one.

If you did this, please e-mail