Welcome New Members!



Karen Satiel, transfer Rotary member from the Atlanta area and ready to start her life in Cambridge ?


Karen Satiel - Everybody thought Karen was crazy, moving from the warm sunny south to the snowy cold north.  But as former New Yorkers, Karen and her husband Jack were looking to return to urban life.  They  selected Cambridge, when Jack  attended Tufts and MIT. Karen is excited to join the Cambridge Rotary Club so that she can continue her involvement with Rotary and its ideals of service above self. 


 ?She is a former member of the Rotary Club of Gwinnett County, a suburb of Atlanta.  During her 10 years with the club Karen served numerous roles, including Club President. She retired from Primerica, a financial services company.  She served many roles with the company, including Chief Human Resources Officer, Chair of the Primerica Foundation and EVP of Community Relations.  With more time on her hands, Karen hopes to make an impact on the Cambridge/Boston community. Welcome Karen!!! You will hit the ground running!?










Dr. Ehsan Hoque, new Rotarian and award-winning Humanitarian working on stopping child labor and providing eye surgeries in 4 countries.  Recently moved from CT.
Professionally, I was a pediatrician and scientist, but now am child right activist through and through. I founded an International non-profit called Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) while at Yale in 2003. At present, I serve the underprivileged children and families as DCI’s Honorary Executive Director in 4 countries. I myself was born almost blind While several eye surgeries restored some of my sight, I still faced significant discrimination in my life. It was these struggles that were the major catalyst in motivating me to create DCI. Our mission is to protect child rights/disability rights, promote inclusion, prevent blindness, and end child labor worldwide. We involve American youth as volunteers in our activities; exposing them to humanitarian issues and providing valuable leadership opportunities. Our motto is "Children Helping Children," https://distressedchildren.org/?



    Why did you join Rotary?


This year, I was invited to speak at a Cambridge Rotary club meeting, after recently moving to Massachusetts from Connecticut. This gave me the opportunity to learn about Rotary and many members of the club.   They all are so nice, friendly and caring people. I immediately felt at home- they are very open to people of different backgrounds, are fun loving and at the same time thinking and discussing about serious matters. I have personally travelled to many places. The members care about those who do not have much, and actually doing much needed work for the local community and also internationally. This this motivated me join the group.I want to first work with young people in the Interact Club.